Darkness & Light

February 01, 2018
written @ 2:07 a.m.


Your body went missing on that cold winter night,
But your spirit remained,
And from it, I could not hide.
I carried your Sun upon my Moon cave,
And even though I missed you so,
I tried to be brave.
Your energy shifted,
I was no longer the one in your eyes,
But we still met in dreams,
Where we both remove our disguise.
Soul-bare and open you always come to me,
We tell each other everything,
And even if we disagree,
Our higher selves know, how to love each other unhumanly.

The years have washed away,
The plans that we built,
The secrets we shared,
The laughter, the guilt.
All that remains are quiet memories at night,
And the dreams in which we meet,
That make everything feel right.

My Sun I miss your skies,
And your Lion ways
As much as I miss your eyes
And your Leo days.
Do you miss the Moon?
Or does she sit in darkness alone?
With no one to talk to her at night?
With no place to call her home?
Or do you whisper messages,
Only she can bring to me?
Because I swear I hear you,
In my soul so clearly.

My love,
Time will make us old,
I hope we do not perish before our story’s told,
Of a union brought to life, by divinity,
Full of magick and passion,
Soul-Deep energy.

Once upon a time,
You were looking South,
While I was looking North,
Yet, our journeies did not set forth,
We remained where we stood,
Afraid to move or if we should.
Unsure if we had let each other go completely,
Yet loving one another in silence discreetly.
For what would they think,
If they only knew?
How much you love me,
How much I love you.

I feel you to this day,
Call me crazy, I know
But for Sunchild, Silvermoon will always glow.
Sun-Moon we are precious like Silver and Gold
The most amazing story, that might never be told.

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